why don’t you have any pre-built engines for my year/model listed? how do I buy one?




IF it isn’t already listed on this page of the site, I have none at this time. Demand has been extreme for 18+ months and I have trouble even trying to keep up with requests for incoming builds. Priority is given to builds-to-spec with cores supplied by the customer up front, and those are coming in and going out at the same rate that I can build them.
If you want a build not shown available here, you have to supply your core up front and “get in line” behind other builds currently here waiting. I can also potentially build a block to-spec using parts I supply for sale “out the door” in the $3000+ price range depending on year/model, availability of components to build from, build specs (which parts you want new vs used, etc.), and you would need to contract for and pay for this build up front and wait the 2-4 weeks behind other builds already here waiting.
If you already have one or more core engines, it makes more sense for you to supply these to me up front to build from. When you pay me for a pre-built engine built from my parts, you are not only buying the seals/bearings/orings and assembly labor, but you are also buying each component that the block is made up of. Since you already own some of those that may be reusable, it makes less sense for you to hold those while buying more from me, unless the convenience is worth that much to you.


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