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For Over 2 Decades

I offer service for FC and FD RX-7 as well as RX-8 models. Whether you’re looking to rebuild your existing engine or you just want to buy a replacement engine block, Rotary Resurrection is the best priced rotary engine supplier around! For over two decades I have worked persistently to help keep these cars on the road and I'm ready to help resurrect your project or daily driver.

About Rotary Resurrection

I began offering parts and service for the mazda rotary in the late 90s after falling in love with my own RX-7 and finding a community of enthusiasts online. I wanted to fill the void for affordable parts & engine builds and responsive service for these cars. I began dismantling cars for used stock parts to sell, rebuilding engines to put the cars back on the road, and offering help and service to owners. Since then I have built over 1000 engines for customers all over the US and a few worldwide. Check out our customer reviews here.