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  • The following warranty terms apply for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase/pickup/shipment, regardless of mileage.


  • After warranty service has been performed, no further warranty will remain.


  • Warranty is non-transferrable, valid for original purchaser ONLY.


  • Absolutely no cash refunds (full or partial) in the event of a valid warranty claim. 


  • This warranty offers coverage in the event of an ASSEMBLY ERROR on my part. For instance, a seal slot with too much or too little clearance, a twisted or pinched coolant seal, a defective component used, etc.


  • IF an engine is submitted for warranty evaluation and no assembly errors are found to have contributed to the engine failure, or if no failure is apparent, the customer will have the option to pay for parts AND labor to reassemble the engine, or may remove the parts as-is.


  • Partial or full disassembly of an engine block voids all warranty. The engine block must remain whole, assembled, and sealed just as it was supplied. This includes the 19mm main crank/pulley bolt on the front of the engine which holds the main pulley hub/boss on the eccentric shaft, the 18) tension bolts on the rear iron housing at the rear of the engine block, and the 6) bolts for the rear stationary gear on the rear of the engine block.


  • All warranty claims must be returned to my location for evaluation and service. Under no circumstance will I pay or reimburse in part or full for transportation or shipping costs to the customer or anyone else. I will not pay out of pocket expenses for repairs performed elsewhere that may have otherwise been covered under my warranty. Customers should consider this requirement before making a purchase.


  • Engines used for racing purposes are sold with no warranty beyond initial startup . “Racing” is defined as any engine that will see any time on a road race track/course, at drag strip, at a drift event, or at an autocross event.


  • Highly modified engine setups are sold with no warranty beyond initial startup. “Highly modified” is defined as any engine that is: 1) equipped with a turbocharger when not originally factory equipped with one, 2) equipped with a supercharger, 3) equipped with nitrous oxide, or 4) a factory turbocharged model equipped with a larger turbo than originally equipped.


  • The car must have all cooling ductwork in place and in functional condition to quality for warranty. This includes the plastic underbelly pan between front bumper and subframe. These ducts help force air through heat exchangers and provide proper cooling, removal or omission of ductwork will lower cooling capacity and could cause engine damage.


  • If your previous engine was damaged as a result of oiling system/bearing failure, then to qualify for warranty coverage you must flush your oil cooler(s) and lines prior to install of the rebuilt engine. Bearing material/metal particles will be trapped in the oil cooler(s) and lines and must be flushed out thoroughly or they will be sent back into the rebuilt engine upon startup. A warranty claim on an engine rebuild that previously had a bearing/oiling failure must be accompanied by either a receipt for oil cooler service/flushing, oil cooler replacement, or quality photos showing the process of the oil cooler(s) being flushed and inspected. 


  • Warranty does not cover broken or warped apex seals. Apex seals break for 2 main reasons: wear or force. Since the apex seals in a rebuild are new, they will not wear out for many thousands of miles, thus if an apex seal breaks at relatively low mileage we must assume that it was broken due to force exerted by an improper tune, uncontrolled combustion, overboost, overrev, etc. Apex seals usually warp due to improper tune or insufficient OMP lubrication. The only circumstance that I will warranty apex seal breakage under, is if the rotor seal slot is out of spec/too much clearance.


  • Warranty does not cover coolant seal failure/overheating. Coolant seals in rotary engines are very sensitive and can be permanently damaged after only one overheating incident. An improper coolant seal installation during assembly will become evident immediately upon startup. All engines have heat sensitive tabs installed during assembly which will indicate if the engine ever exceeds 235*F. Should either of these heat tabs be removed or melted (indicating an overheat), warranty will automatically be voided.


  • Warranty does not cover excessive smoking unless that smoke can be demonstrated to be coming from the engine internals themselves. Often smoke is a result of improper crankcase/PCV ventilation, too much OMP injection/premix, or most often, a bad turbo. 


  • Some engine blocks have a crank bolt lock plate installed on the main/crank pulleys, which is sometimes needed to set and maintain shaft endplay. On engines where a crank bolt lock plate has been installed, it must be left in place in order to maintain warranty coverage.


  • 1 year Warranty does not cover builds with resurfaced/lapped iron housings and the engine later fails with excess wear to the iron housing faces. Due to the uncertainty regarding resurfaced irons' friction surface & wear properties, the engines have a limited 90 day warranty.


  • In the event that I perform remove/install into your car, or longblock assembly of accessories, or sell an engine or car with accessories already installed onto the rebuilt engine block, I do not warranty any aspect of the accessories, including fluid leaks.