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Price: Varies


  • I wish to offer assistance to all rotary enthusiasts with their cars, however I must admit that I don’t do much 1st gen work, and I do not have as much intricate knowledge of them as I do the 2nd and 3rd’s.
  • The biggest reason is that it’s hard to find a useable core to build from with the pre-85 engines. The older rotor housings tend to have large chunks of the chrome sealing surface flaked away and are not reusable. So it can be hard to rebuild these older models, not due to technical issues, but just due to parts availability.
  • 12A rotor housings are no longer available new from mazda. The newest 12A engines are now over 35 years old so finding reusable used components is not easy. 
  • Because of this, I have no core parts in stock for any rotary engines prior to 1986.
  • If your core is not rebuildable, you can consider an engine swap to an 86+ 13b, which usually costs at least $4000 to obtain such an engine core, rebuild it, and get it installed and running in your car. I can likely only offer a bare engine shortblock, not a complete drop-in ready longblock.
  • If you have a 13B engine currently, you can consider building a hybrid or complete 86+ engine block, then swapping your older accessories onto it and using that to install into your car, at lower cost and less difficulty. 



  • IF you do have a rebuildable 12A/13B 85 and older core, I can likely rebuild it for approx. $2000, utilizing atkins rotary 3mm apex seals in the build. I will take these on a case-by-case basis, though, and only commit to the build after I have disassembled and inspected the core. IF your core does require replacement components, you would need to search for and supply these yourself, as I have no reliable sources for the older components.
  • IF you want me to do remove/install on your car in addition to the engine block rebuild, that option adds $1500 to the cost of building the shortblock stated above. There may also be some gasket costs needed to reinstall the accessories.