Here are some helpful links for newcomers to the RX-7 scene.
Ray Crowe at Malloy Mazda (Woodbridge VA) 888 533 3400
An awesome OEM mazda parts source selling well below retail to rotary owners. Call and ask for Ray in parts, but be prepared...he is a busy man! You can also email him at

Black Halo Racing
An excellent aftermarket parts/modifications supplier for mazda rx-8.

supplier of oem and aftermarket parts for rx-7 and rx-8

Racing Beat
supplier of oem and aftermarket parts for rx-7 and rx-8, especially exhaust systems and components.

Atkins Rotary
supplier of engine rebuild parts for rotaries.

Fc3s pro
great technical site for all rotaries, some specifically 2nd generation

Rotary Engine Illustrated
technical site showing rotary design and operation
technical site specific to 3rd generation

Rock Auto
another good site for misc. auto parts at a discount

Rx7 Store
good source for new and aftermarket rotary parts

Coolingmist water injection kits
good source for water injection kits, a useful modification for turbo or supercharged applications

Fuel injector connection
My preferred fuel injector service/cleaning shop, located north of Atlanta for quick shipping on the east coast. Does excellent work at a great price.

R&L Carriers
Good truck freight shipping carrier. Does not require an account to ship, reasonable rates $125-300 to ship an engine for example)

Ralf Wilms
Supplier of custom leather shift boots, e-brake boots, seat cover repair/replacement etc.
Supplier for the hard-to-find oval fuel injector clips for 89-95 and rx-8 injector connectors/clips (found on this site as NIPPONDENSO)

Injector rehab
Another supplier for oval nippondenso (and other) fuel injector and harness connectors.

Speed for Sale
many high end sportscars for sale, often including stock and modified 3rd generation rx-7

Curtis James (mrmazda7 on ebay)
seller of used OEM 86-95 rx-7 parts plus used OEM rx-8 parts.

TP Tools
A great tool and material supplier for media blasting, auto body and painting, and other specialty/restoration work.

A miscellaneous parts supplier including tools, raw materials, and specialty job items. Great source for porting bits and tools and thousands of other parts