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rx8 04-08 complete automatic to manual transmission conversion ***w/ 6 port rebuilt engine complete assembly***


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rx8 04-08 complete automatic to manual transmission conversion ***w/ 6 port rebuilt engine complete assembly***

Here is everything needed to convert your 04 or 05 automatic rx8 (4 port 190hp 7200rpm engine) to a 6speed manual trans setup with 6 port 230hp 9200rpm engine (as all the 04-08 manuals came from the factory). If you are trying to convert an automatic 06-08 car you already have the 6 port engine (computer is detuned to a lower rpm with less power but engine hardware is the same) then you don’t need the rebuilt engine, and I can sell you the transmission swap parts group only at a lower price. However it is likely your original auto engine is tired and having problems anyway so you probably still want this one as part of the package.

The swap can be accomplished in a weekend with basic hand tools, jack and jack stands and intermediate mechanical knowledge, with no module programming, cutting, drilling, or welding on the car or the parts, and only one wire needs to be modified when done using my method.

Parts included in this group, all removed from a wrecked 2005 w/ 138k miles:

-04-08 manual spec 6 port 230hp 9200rpm engine. rebuilt with new rotor compression seals, coolant seals, bearings, etc. Reused major components such as rotor housings, iron housings, shaft, etc. in good normal condition with some pre existing wear. Basically a “standard” rebuild for a rotary engine. Fully dressed with engine external parts and accessories such as alternator, pulleys, intake manifolds, fuel injectors, oil pan, flywheel etc. Also includes original manual-spec engine/trans wiring harness. Ready to drop in and plug up. $4000 value right here. Note that this engine is not yet built, may take 1-3 weeks to finish, and can be built to spec.

-6 speed manual trans, shifted fine when tested (on jack stands, engine running, have video of test before removal) w/ starter

-good used clutch set (or can supply new at extra cost)

-manual pedal set 4pc w/ aluminum factory covers, including dead pedal and gas pedal

-clutch hydraulics (slave & master cyl w/ lines in between) and brake fluid reservoir with hookup hose for CMC

-carbon fiber drive shaft (factory for manuals)

-powerplant frame (needed for 06-08 models, 04-05 models do not need this since it is the same for auto and manual so I can simply discard it).

-shift lever, shift knob (worn), shift boot for console and related insulator boots etc. underneath

-instrument gauge cluster w/ 9k tach and w/o PRNDL stuff that auto clusters have (odo showing 138k miles)

-steering wheel controls to replace the now-useless paddle shifter control setup, you reuse your original steering wheel itself and these bolt to it.

-ignition switch w/ 2 matching keys, PCM, ABS module (suits touring and GT cars with bosch ABS unit and DSC/traction control), keyless entry module, driver door lock cyl, trunk lock cyl, glovebox lock cyl, all parts necessary to make the new engine run electronically in your car

-dual engine oil coolers w/ line/hose set (04-05 automatic cars only had one cooler, 06-08s had two so these are unnecessary on those models)

Shipping to the US48 only and must be done by semi truck freight on a pallet. Depending on several variables including distance/location and circumstances of delivery on your end this may cost $500-1000. Local pickup in east Tn is also welcomed and preferred. This has to be discussed on an individual basis so there is no way I can quote it flat rate here in advance.

I can offer removal/installation into your car for an additional fee of $1500.

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