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09-11 S2 manual trans rx-8 rebuilt engine block w/ resurfaced flywheel


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This is an 09-11 rx8 6 port manual engine. This does not fit any automatic models or 04-08 models. SHIPPING/TRANSPORT IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THIS ENGINE.

You are buying this engine outright, out the door, with no core exchange required. IF you have one or more cores you want to trade in toward this I can do so, but I cannot tell you how much I can offer until I have disassembled and inspected your core to see what is reusable inside it. So, your core can be worth $0-500 depending on condition, and core exchange only works for buyers able to deliver their core in person because the cost of freight is too much to gamble on an unknown condition core.
This engine was built from used major components such as rotors/shaft. The iron housings were freshly resurfaced by rotary science (nitride treatment not reapplied). The build received used rotor housings with light wear, what I define as “B condition”. The rotor housings were “resurfaced” to skim the top of the chrome and remove light defects for a better and more uniform sealing surface, this is a service that some other shops charge as much as $350 for if you send them your housings.
Also built with new oem mazda apex seals, oem corner seals/springs, oem cut-to-fit side seals/springs, viton oil orings, thermal pellet for the front eshaft, OEM coolant seals etc., new front/rear main oil seals, new front cover gasket, and new main bearings. The stock flywheel has been freshly machined and is ready to receive a new clutch.
Engine end play was checked twice during assembly and the coolant seals/passages were pressurized to 20psi for half an hour to ensure against leaks/assembly error.
I can clean and install an oil pan/pickup tube for an additional $100 if needed.
Engine is accompanied by a limited 90 day warranty, photos of the parts used and assembly, written invoice, and a full paperwork packet of startup and break in suggestions.
**********************FREIGHT SHIPPING FOR THOSE NOT PICKING UP IN EAST TN*********************************************
SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THE ENGINE. Local pickup in east TN is recommended.

Engines must ship semi truck freight on a pallet and only to buyers in the 48 continental US. Freight industry standard is that deliveries go to a business location with ability to unload the pallet from the chest-height semi trailer (dock, ramp, forklift etc.).


Freight rates vary weekly depending on destination, weight, whether or not insurance is selected, and carrier/company used, and there is no way for this website to accurately convey freight costs for each viewer. A good estimate for the eastern and central US (east of the Miss. River) is somewhere around $300-450, and western US (west of the Miss. River) somewhere around $400-650.


You will have to inquire with me, hopefully before purchase, for an estimate or exact quote. Information I need to know in order to generate a quote is:
-is destination a business location or residential area
-is destination limited access, special hours, advance notification required, gated, etc.
-will you unload the pallet from the chest-height semi trailer (dock, ramp, forklift, or 2-3 strong guys by hand)? or do you require optional, higher cost liftgate unloading-to-ground-level?
Once a quote is gathered and shipping terms are agreed on, I can:
-allow the customer to set up and pay for the freight shipping directly themselves, using information I provide
-set the freight shipping up myself, and add the shipping cost to the purchase price of this listing (if the customer has not already purchased/paid for this engine listing)
-if the customer has already paid for this listing but the customer wants me to set the freight shipping up myself, I can send another, separate invoice for payment via CC, for the extra shipping costs.


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